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Affiliate Accommodation

Participate in our Hotels India Affiliate Program to achieve the highest revenues. Participate in the free B&B Ireland Accommodation Affiliate Program and earn commission for your business! com Affiliate Program Offer: Commission: Accommodation giant created the broadest network for partners of any kind. Participate in our Meritus Hotels Affiliate Program or the Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Affiliate Program, which is a booking partner for partners offering online accommodation.

The Affiliate Agreement (the "Agreement") is between:

The Affiliate agreement (the "Agreement") is between: The following words and phrases shall have the following meaning in this Memorandum of Understanding, unless the circumstances require otherwise:

iii ) an action or order to appoint a bankruptcy trustee, receivers or liquidators is filed over its estate; or iv) the other fails or discontinues or threatens to fail or threaten to fail all or a material part of its operations; IPR: (b) the other party's right to any or all of the Company's profits, liabilities, interests or profits is terminated or suspended: includes all IPRs, patent credits (including designs and inventions), trademarks (including services trademarks, tradenames and company names), designs, copyrights and related industrial proprietary notices ( includes but is not restricted to pertaining to software), web titles (including domains ), copyrights and databases notices, and

Site Content: all material that appears on the Site or is made available through the Services, with the exception of Host Family Material, which includes all material licenced by third parties. Upon the Partner's acceptation of this Agreement, the Partner shall receive a username and passphrase for accessing the Affiliate Partner's login.

Affiliate recognizes that it is solely liable for the safekeeping of its username and passwords and undertakes not to disclose the access data to third parties and that it is solely liable for all acts of any individual who accesses Affiliate's account by using its name and passwords.

It can be provided as a stand-alone website plattform or it can be easily implemented by the affiliate via an i-Frame.

Partner part. The Affiliate is eligible for a 30% interest in the Transaction Commission as herein set forth for reservations made by Clients through the Affiliate Website. Affiliates are also eligible for a 30% stake in the transaction commission for these reservations.

Either of the parties is obliged to fulfil its duties under the relevant privacy laws. When we change this Agreement, we will notify the Affiliate of the change. If the Affiliate continues to visit or use the Website or the Services after we have notified the Affiliate of a change, the Affiliate shall be considered to be subject to the changed Agreement.

This website and services are a place where host families, clients and partners can meet to book accommodation. i) all customer entitlements; ii) the supply of accommodation by a host family; and iii) the use of the Website and/or Services by the Partner. An Affiliate's use of the Site, the Services, the Site Content, and any booking or listing of accommodations made through the Site and/or the use of the Services shall be governed by this Affiliate Relationship Management Policy, which shall take effect upon the Affiliate's request.

An amendment or removal of any clause or part thereof under this clause shall not alter the applicability and enforceability of the remainder of this Agreement. This agreement has a duration of 12 weeks from the start date. Subsequently, the Agreement will be extended for a further 12 monthly period unless either of the parties notifies the other at least sixty (60) calendar days in advance of the expiration of such period.

Either of the parties may dissolve this Agreement if the other is suffering or is the object of insolvency proceedings.

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