A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

S2 Hosting Partner Program

Commission offered by the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program starts at $85 and goes up to $140. To join the A2 Partner Program, click here. Commission offered by the A2 Hosting Partner Program starts at $85 and goes up to $140. These are the best highest paid web hosting affiliate programs for 2018. SRA2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review: Recruit customers and earn a decent commission.

We still think that you would still like our web hosting services.

We still think that you would still like our web hosting services. Well, I know someone who needs to be the host. What is my commission rate? They must announce themselves for our partner program. After approval, login to your affiliate area. Quickly locate your affiliate hyperlink at the top of your affiliate homepage.

Submit this hyperlink to your friend who needs hosting. If you click on this hyperlink and order an affiliate with us, you will receive a surcharge. Underneath each text linked or linked page is a Get Bannercode Buttons. If someone links to this page and buys a hosting affiliate license, you will receive a surcharge.

For how long will my sales/commissions not be accepted? After 45 days, all current purchases are valid. The $100 fee level must be achieved before payment is made. As soon as your authorized referral fees reach or exceed this amount, you will be cashed out the next "15th" of each calendar week to the PayPal balance specified in your Affiliate Support Center.

If, for example, you exceed the $100 fee limit on October 2, you will be disbursed on October 15. We need your own copy of your original purchase order (W9) before it can be cleared if you are a US affiliate. You can click on the "Commissions" button under Reporting on the far right. Below this list, you can see all your outstanding and authorized sells.

Getting going

It' s a fairly straightforward concept behind the program: Register to become an affiliate and once you' re authorized you will receive affiliate relationships that you can share with your buddies, relatives and partners. You will receive a provision for every visitor who buys a new hosting plan by clicking on your hyperlink. It' even simpler with our Refer a Friend program!

There is no need to register for this program. You' ll get $50 hosting balance for every new client that hits your links and buys a hosting subscription. A $50 hosting balance for many of our clients could mean your web hosting expenses are fully paid if you recommend only 2-4 clients per year.

This means basically that you get free hosting! Already have your Refer a Friend URL accessible. Send your individual links by e-mail to your friend, relatives, customers as well as your partner. Just have a member click on your customized hyperlink and buy a new hosting plan. You will be alerted by e-mail when your $50 balance is credited to your affiliate profile via your referral button (the referral must be open for 30 days before the funds are added).

Begin now with the release of your referral links and earn these hosting credit!

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