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Archive for November 2014

7 Reasons To Start Affiliate Marketing Today

Sun, Nov 9, 2014

Affiliate marketing is known as the most fastest, reliable, consistent and profitable way of earning money online. Majority of affiliate marketers work at home and make 7 figures doing so. Affiliate marketing, like other methods of making money online has its differences being you need to master a certain skill set which is how to sell. Theirs tons of  benefits which are the main reason why so many people try to become an...

Not Retargeting? Then Your Losing Thousands

Sun, Nov 9, 2014

What Is Retargeting? And How Does It Really Work? Here’s a simple explanation of retargeting: You ever browse the web, visit a site then end up on another page but see an ad from the previous companies site you were on? Well that’s retargeting in a nutshell. With retargeting, a small script is added to the landing page or site controlled by the marketer or publisher, which places a cookie in...

6 Top Facebook Marketing Strategies

Sun, Nov 9, 2014

Let’s go over 6 personal top Facebook marketing strategies. Drive targeted Likes to your page What you”ll want to do is build your fan page by having relevant users with a similar interest like your page. With this powerful technique in hand you can now sell to your “likers” and keep on doing it as well. Engagement Great!...

2015 The Year of Affiliate Marketers

Wed, Nov 26, 2014

Affiliate marketing is a thriving business and will always be it has earned a great deal of popularity among people in a relatively short period of time. At its core, affiliate marketing is simply marketing the products of a company by a third party on the company’s behalf, to earn a percentage of the profit of their sales. What makes affiliate marketing a golden opportunity is that their isn’t a high barrier to entry....